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SAN ANTONIO June 2nd 2020 – With a goal of protecting merchandise at some of the nation’s largest drugstore chains, Texas based SATX Technologies has announced new uses for its popular SATX Global Positioning System (GPS) trackers.

The company’s tracking devices continue to be its leading seller, with sales reaching record levels in 2020 due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States.
With so many warehouses and retail locations temporarily closed during the health crisis, SATX GPS magnetic trackers have been much more widely used over the last few months.
One new use for these popular trackers has been to safeguard powerful and valuable drugs that have become a target of burglars and thieves, even more so during the civil unrest that’s currently plaguing many parts of the country.

“Aside from actual cash, drugs like oxycodone have always been popular targets for burglars and looters,” says Ryan Birdsell, founder and owner of SATX Technologies. “With the use of SATX GPS trackers, drugstore owners have another safeguard against these types of events. It will allow them to not only recover their merchandise, but also to apprehend the thieves in a relatively short period of time.”

Drugstore owners and managers can place GPS tracking devices in narcotic dispenser cabinets largely without threat of detection. Magnetic GPS trackers are used to embed into the cabinet, thieves typically will steal the entire cabinet or drawers.

Law enforcement officials can then easily track the items via SATX Technologies software that’s been provided to the client.

“It would be very difficult for thieves to recognize these dispensers contain a magnetic gps tracker because they magnetize and conceal themselves well, ” says Birdsell. “It’s likely that not every bottle will have a tracking device in it, but thieves are almost certainly not going to take only one bottle.
“When they grab the dispenser or drawers, they can be tracked easily via software provided by our company.”
The United States currently makes up around 5 percent of the world’s population but consumes approximately 30 percent of the world’s prescription opioid drugs, according to data from the International Narcotics Control Board.

This widespread use makes these types of drugs popular for thieves, as well as for addicts and for those seeking to prey on individuals suffering from drug addictions and misuse.
Unfortunately, employee theft is also a rampant problem when it comes to opioid drugs, making it even harder to safeguard these types of products.

“We recommend that only one or two individuals in any particular store be responsible for inserting the SATX Magnetic GPS tracker,” cautions Birdsell. “That way, you can minimize your risk and improve your chances of apprehending the dishonest individual when a theft does occur.”

SATX Technologies was founded in 2014 and specializes in high-tech gadgetry and GPS trackers for trailer, which are used for many purposes. These include tracking vehicles and other high ticket items, but they can also be used to protect young children and even elderly members of the family who may be vulnerable for various reasons.


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