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Exporexi S.A. offers content creators affordable and complete solutions for Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV Channel creation, management, and hosting. They have an audience of over 100 million users worldwide, and with this current climate, it is the best time to consider securing an On-Demand Streaming TV.

As a Roku developer company, they are aware of how so many people are switching from cable tv and signing up for live streaming tv.

The Exporexi S.A. Platform

The new online platform from Exporexi S.A. allows content producers to create and manage OTT TV channels from a simple to use dashboard.  Also, unlike platforms such as YouTube, Exporexi S.A. does not own the control of your content.

With the Exporexi system, there is no danger of being de-monetized by the likes of YouTube or Facebook. The live streaming tv offers users a custom branded channel that can be delivered to virtually every video platform.

Who wouldn’t want a platform where you – own your content, hosted on your server, and distributed on your channels. Exporexi will assist you from the moment you sign up, controlling your messages and owns your content with a channel on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

The Exporexi S.A. Channels

If you want a quick and easy way to launch your tv channel, consider choosing Exporexi S.A., who will offer you the highest quality design and code and have you ready and set up for Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple tv. With the function to programme and select any language.

What’s even better is that your channel will also appear beside some top channels like HBO, ESPN, Showtime, Netflix, Fox, and many more.

If you’re wondering how to create a Roku channel, Exporexi can create fully customized TV Channels on Roku Platform for you, with your colors, logo, brand, and videos. Also, they can monitor the channel ingest and encode the content, or you have the option to keep it as a self-managed channel allowing you to monitor and ingest content yourself.

Similarly, with the Apple TV platform, Exporexi creates fully customized TV Channels with all of the above.

The main aim of Exporexi is to entertain and educate people across the globe and do this through various channels. However, some individuals can try to shut down speakers and their ability to broadcast. Exporexi explains how YouTube de-platforming solution is an example of how some speakers are prevented from being heard when they want to express their ideas.

More information

Exporexi S.A. suggests the many companies and brands that should have a tv channel. These include celebrities, music groups, businesses who need to promote their brands and new products, radio and tv stations, artists, trade groups, schools and universities, entrepreneurs, and even you.

If you want your tv channel, Exporexi can make it happen and spread your message to the world. All you have to do is get in touch with Exporexi S.A. today if you are interested in affordable solutions for Roku, Amazon Fire, or Apple Tv.

Channel names are first come first serve, so call today on 1 855 443 8668 so you don’t miss out.


About Exporexi S.A.

Exporexi (pronounced expo-rex-I) is a company that is passionate about communicating ideas. Business, Science, Health, Adventure, Fashion, Fun and so much more. The founders of the company have been exploring the world of ideas for over 30 years.

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Exporexi is headquartered in the Republic of Panama with offices in Franklin, Tennessee
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