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SUNRISE, FL – CoverTec Products, known for its high-quality floor coatings and specialty sealants, is expanding into Canada. CoverTec is an industry-wide leader in the manufacture and distribution of commercial floor cleaners, coatings and waterproofing products.

The Sunrise company is partnering with Chemtec Epoxy Coatings in Laval, Quebec, to broaden its reach and increase access to its ceramic tile sealer, porcelain tile sealer, concrete sealer and vinyl tile sealer product line. CoverTec describes its sought-after floor treatments as “innovative chemistry for surface solutions.”

“These specialty products were not something you could easily find in Canada,” explained Charles Idowu, CoverTec’s technology director and company owner. “Our Canadian distributorships will make it easier for contractors, government entities and even do-it-your-selfers to access these amazing products, which will ensure professional results.”

Quebec-based Chemtec sells premium epoxy coatings for concrete products.

CoverTec products will be sold at six Chemtec locations across Canada. The distributorships will be offering a full line of CoverTec products as of August 12, 2020.

CoverTec is also known for its oil and stain resistant concrete sealers, natural stone sealers, pavers sealers and its anti-slip flooring solutions.

Mr. Idowu began his career in concrete design and restoration, learning first-hand what worked and what didn’t. The civil engineer specialized in protective coatings for concrete and drew on the experience he gained in floor maintenance, to modify today’s products to address porcelain, ceramic and high gloss surfaces.

He perfected the products that CoverTec sells today by collaborating with a talented development chemist and a group of engineers with over 50 years’ experience.

“Our products sell because they work. And they work because of the hands-on experience everyone on our team brings to the table,” Mr, Idowu noted. CoverTec already has distribution in Australia and their future plans include expansion into Mexico and the UAE.


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CoverTec is a US manufacturer and distributor of floor coatings, floor cleaners and waterproofing products. CoverTec products are used primarily in flooring applications, roof and wall waterproofing and for industrial and commercial maintenance.

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