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Commercial real estate agency, Commercial Lease Locators, has opened its new location in San Antonio, Texas. The Commercial Lease Locator team and expert commercial realtor Jerred Morris have the knowledge and expertise to assist any business owner and secure the perfect commercial lease for their business.

Commercial Lease Locators have experience in the local market, and the best part is their customized commercial leasing service. Once you hire the team, you see how efficient they are at finding the right lease for your business to achieve years of success. Avoid taking time out of your day to research the places to lease for your company and allow CLL to work their magic and find the most commercial space to lease.

Hiring a commercial real estate broker

With their new location in San Antonio, Texas, Commercial Lease Locators can represent any entrepreneurs or business owners who need to hire a commercial realtor. They offer the best tenant representation for anyone interested in expanding or relocating their workspace. The Commercial Lease Locators inform individuals how important it is to seek tenant representation and provide the support needed while allowing you, the business owner, to focus on work while they find the perfect space.

Business owners will benefit from hiring these brokers as they will also provide you with local market knowledge and resources, to use as leverage. Consider tenant rep as part of your business, someone who is available to contact when you decide to build your company and expand or relocate to a larger space.

When that time comes, Commercial Lease Locators will build a list of available properties that meet your criteria and select a couple to view. Once space has been chosen to lease, a CLL rep will make a letter of intent on your behalf and submit it to the property management company and work on creating the best possible lease terms in that local market.

For more information about the different types of tenant representation, please do not hesitate to contact Commercial Lease Locators today.

Retail Spaces Offered by CLL

Commercial Lease Locators also assist business owners seeking to buy or rent a property in San Antonio, Texas. It is an ideal location and a lovely suburb for those interested in commercial premises.

San Antonio is also in close proximity to major medical centers and some great shopping centers too.

Check out the lease retail space available on their site, from Hancock Centre, Central Park Shopping Center, to Gabriel’s Court. The Commercial Retail Lease Locators even provide economic data about San Antonio to help you.

More information

Commercial Lease Locators provide tenant representation and lease retail space, but they also offer leases for office space and warehouse space. For instance, medical, dental, and chiropractic offices and manufacturing companies.

If you would like to receive a free report, including the best spaces, rates, and the best floor plans, fill in the contact form online with your ideal location and secure the perfect lease today.

Visit Commercial Lease Locators website today at for more information about leasing retail space and also, tenant representation. Email Jerred at  [email protected] for any questions or queries.


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