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BestLife52 offers the best advice on how reading power tool reviews and choosing the right power tools can help homeowners. This includes saving money on woodworking projects and ways to stay safe during home improvement builds.

Benchtop Jointers and Portable Table Saws

BestLife52 recommends that woodworkers who buy a benchtop jointer can then start to use rough lumber from the lumberyard instead of buying wood from a home center. According to BestLife52, you will save a lot of money in the long run. Buying from a ‘big box store’ seems like the most comfortable option, but their wood options are far too overpriced.

Therefore, BestLife52 suggests that woodworkers buy a wood jointer, and this will reduce their lumber costs. What’s even better is that after five projects, the jointer will be paid off with the lumber savings and, from then on, you will save tons.

BestLife52 also advises homeowners on safety; for instance, the dangers of a portable table saw, as many accidents can occur if users do not operate it correctly. Something like a finger laceration can add up to $2,906 in medical costs, with 24 days off work, and even $2,731 of wage losses during that period. That is not even the worst-case scenario, because you could end up needing a finger amputation or have a severe laceration with higher medical costs, longer recovery time and even higher wage losses.

This evidence from BestLife52 proves how important it is for homeowners to choose a good table saw brand and avoid severe injury and medical costs.

For the best benchtop jointers and portable table saws in 2020, check out their website today, all products are reviewed by BestLife52.

Top Tools and Home Improvement Projects

BestLife52 offers the top power tool reviews online for homeowners to use, from the most affordable to the most powerful tools on the market today, to safety and personal protection equipment.

Maybe you’d like to know about the lightest cordless drill driver, the best cordless circular saw, or how to make a bookshelf with just one tool. For instance, those learning how to DIY at home, these reviews are so helpful and advise you on ways to save money and take your small shop to the next level and save on lumber or how to saw firewood with a chainsaw safely and use a chipper-shredder safely.

BestLife52 also provides homeowners with home safety advice for home improvement projects, including information on how to reduce fuel bills with a blower door test, how to avoid home poisoning, how to tile a bathroom, and even how to make a small room in your home look bigger than it is. There is a vast amount of useful and helpful guides and reviews, your home will look new and improved in no time.

Also, why not check out the woodworking projects for beginners on their site, get inspired by their selected projects from the Best of Weekend Woodworking by Wood magazine, or download your complete set of free plans and instructions to build a DIY garage workbench using cheaper construction grade materials.

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